Cop recalls bizarre encounter with ex-Sen. Al D’Amato’s estranged wife amid custody battle

Published in the New York Daily News on Dec. 2, 2017

Ex-Sen. Al D’Amato’s hallucinating wife left in an ambulance after a 911 call to report imaginary kidnappers and green lasers inside her Long Island home, a Nassau County cop testified.

Officer Vincent Adamo, a 20-year police veteran, took the stand Friday to recount his bizarre Sept. 30 encounter with a “crying and upset” Katuria D’Amato, 51.

“She was making claims that there were people in the house shining green lasers, and that people were trying to kidnap the kids and that she was afraid of Mr. D’Amato,” Adamo testified.

“There was nobody in the house but us. She was not acting in a hostile manner.”

D’Amato, 80, is battling his estranged wife for temporary custody of their two young kids as their bitter divorce case goes forward.

The former GOP senator wants to continue the current arrangement where Alfonso, 9, and Luciana, 7, continue to live with him. His angry spouse wants the children to relocate and stay with her.

D’Amato received custody following the incident in the Lido Beach home, where the man once dubbed “Senator Pothole” was sleeping in a downstairs bedroom.

“It’s a heartache for the kids,” D’Amato said during a lunch break. “But I’m doing it for the kids, to protect them.”

Katuria’s lawyer Joseph De Simone showed a video of the police visit where she appeared calm — and even asked cops not to wake her daughter.

“My soon-to-be ex-husband should be ashamed of himself,” said Katuria D’Amato, who denied an allegation by the former politician that she was on lithium that night.

“I’ve never seen (the drug) in my life,” she said.

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