Video shows deranged man attacking carpenter on subway train

Published in the New York Daily News on Feb. 21, 2018

A raging wacko inexplicably attacked a carpenter who was on his way home from work on a subway train in Manhattan Wednesday.

The bloody fight started around 3:45 p.m. on a downtown D train near W. Fourth St. and raged for three subway stops before a group of straphangers pushed the madman off the car, Daily News video shows.

“I had a long day,” carpenter Calvin M., 26, told The News. “I’m just going home to Coney Island and I was just sitting there. I’m trying to go home and the guy was provoking me.”

The bitter fracas started with the carpenter quietly listening to his headphones and looking around the train at nothing in particular.

“Stop staring at me!” shouted an unhinged man across the aisle.

The worker replied, “I’m not staring at you. I’m trying to mind my own business.”

The unhinged man got even angrier.

“I’m gonna beat your f—— a–,” the man said, as Calvin tried to defuse the situation.

As another commuter nervously texted away, Calvin smiled and tried to joke, “He wants to go to jail right now.”

But the other man jumped up and shouted, “Get off the train! Get off the train! I’m going to beat your a–!”

“You won’t fight me, you won’t fight me,” he added.

Calvin refused to leave the train and stood up himself.

“Sit down, sit down,” he said. “Get out of my face. Back up. I’m not going to tell you one more time.”

The carpenter smiled as is he couldn’t believe the guy was still jawing at him.

The wacko started pushing him and throwing punches, and Calvin fought back.

They wrestled violently and rolled across the subway car, and both of their lips were bloody from the punches. At one point, the nut bit Calvin on the head.

Three good Samaritans pulled Calvin away and shoved the crazed man out of the train at the next stop.

“He just bit me!” Calvin said.

“Stop that s—!” a woman yelled.

The men knocked each other to the ground, as some terrified straphangers tried to get away from them. Some fled the train when it reached a station. Others sat there looking on.

Finally, a third man pulled the carpenter away, and a group of people shoved the unbalanced man off the train. “Let him go my brother, let him go,” one of the good Samaritans said.

“You know, I would have preferred he stay on the train,” Calvin said. “I had him in a headlock, and once he got under my arm, I’m not going to let you go.”

When the doors closed, the man who started the fight pounded violently on the windows.

“He got the split lip and the bumps,” the carpenter said. “I was just trying to prevent that as much as possible and he just kept antagonizing me to put my hands on him.”

Calvin, who was shaken up and bloody but otherwise alright, remained on the train. Police didn’t arrive in time to make any arrests.

Asked later whether he’s going to file a police report, Calvin laughed and said, “Come on man, I’ve never been a snitch in my life and I’m not going to be one this time. There aren’t any marks on me, so it’s not necessary.”

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