Brandon E. McCormick

Utah man who drew bow and arrow on protesters hit with felony charges

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Published in the New York Post on June 4, 2020

A Utah man who pointed a bow and arrow at Salt Lake City marchers protesting the death of George Floyd has been charged with three felonies after the incident was caught on a viral video, reports said Thursday.

Brandon E. McCormick, 57, was charged five days after the ex-con pointed a loaded deadly weapon at the hundreds of protesters gathered before he was tackled and disarmed by cops, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

McCormick, who spent nearly two decades behind bars for crimes including battery of a public safety officer, said in an interview with KSTU that he did it to protect cops working the protest.

“Some cops are good, excuse me, most cops are good,” he said.

McCormick said later in the interview, “I just heard people yelling ‘Black Lives Matter.’ That does irritate me. … I just feel like: All Lives Matter.”

The ex-con, who also brandished a knife, was charged with two counts of possession or use of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person and one count of aggravated assault, each of which could land him five years behind bars.

Prosecutors at the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office have asked for a bail of $100,000. A warrant is currently out for his arrest, reports said.