Scott Phillips 

Former Internet News Director at KCBD

As a former employer of Adam Schrader, I am pleased to offer a testimonial for his professional portfolio. As his internship supervisor at KCDB NewsChannel 11 in Lubbock, Tex., I was impressed by Adam’s intelligence, maturity and dedication to the field of journalism.

Adam is energetic, curious and enthusiastic. He is by far the best intern I’ve had in the last 7 years, and if I could convince him to stay in Lubbock, I would hire him.

Unlike many young journalists who are not sure what they want or where they are headed in their professional lives, Adam has clear goals and the talent to achieve them.

Dr. Ruth Holmes

Professor of Music at Lubbock Christian University

Adam Cristofori Schrader is a graduate of Lubbock Christian University, having majored in Music Business.  As a piano student of mine, I was always intrigued by  Adam’s middle name, Cristofori, which inferred that he might be related to the legendary Bartolomeo Cristofori, who invented the piano in 1709.  As the story goes, Adam’s father loved the music album, Cristofori’s Dream, hence the decision to name his son Cristofori, in hopes that he would be a musician, perhaps determining his major in college.  With Adam’s dual interest in both music and broadcast journalism, it delights me to endorse Adam Cristofori Schrader as both musician and journalist, who would make a delightful entertainment reporter.

Kelly Robinson

Director of Student Publications at Lubbock Christian University

It is with distinct pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Adam Schrader.

I have been fortunate enough to get to know Adam quite well over the last year and in that time I have observed him in a leadership role as Editor of our online campus newspaper, The Duster Today. Adam has proven to be a very mature young man and he has definite goals set for what he hopes to accomplish in life. His work ethic would certainly lend itself to success being attainable in whatever endeavor he chooses to pursue. As his student publications advisor at Lubbock Christian University I can attest to the fact that he has a “never say die” attitude about anything that he chooses to go after.

As an adviser, it is important to identify the members of your team that are leaders. Adam displayed those leadership qualities with his up-beat and positive demeanor and he was always eager to learn throughout the process during his time as our Editor. He certainly understands what it takes to be a member of a team and his willingness to do what it takes to make that group effort reach its potential is never in doubt.

It is with sincere and undeniable fervor that I recommend Adam Schrader for whatever future aspirations he is hoping to accomplish. His dedication to getting the job done and the endless enthusiasm for reaching the pinnacle of success will most certainly make him a solid candidate for any future job, scholarship or position that he wishes to pursue.

Dr. Laurie Doyle

Chair of Communication/Fine Arts at Lubbock Christian University

I always enjoyed working with Adam Schrader.  

I worked with Adam for four years as he completed a Music degree at Lubbock Christian University. 

I taught him in private lessons and classroom courses and directed him in several theatre productions. When in class, Adam kept the place lively!  He has a great sense of humor and a ready wit. In plays, he worked hard to create characters that were unique and believable.

I also served as his adviser.

In all these situations, I found Adam to be very intelligent and engaging.  He works hard and is very responsible.

Adam has a wide range of interests and once he sets a goal, he is persistent in meeting that goal.  He takes direction well and has the capability of being a leader. He knows how to solve problems and understands himself and his place in the world.

Adam is one of the most intelligent students I have had. He sets goals and is persistent enough to meet them.  I know Adam will be successful!

Eddy Ervin Eltermann

Associação Brasileira de Turismólogos e Profissionais de Turismo, UNIVALI, UNISUL

I had the opportunity of having Adam as my student during the six months he was in Brazil, studying my subject of tourism and environment. He is an extremely charismatic student with a very humanistic view of the world. From the first day of class, I noticed his strong interest in responding to the expectations suggested by the course. He was always very interested in going beyond the classroom discussions, trying to understand the topics covered in a broader conception. See all his developments in the process of adaptation to the Brazilian culture is an example to be followed.

Tive a oportunidade de conviver com Adam durante os seis meses que esteve em Brasil, cursando minha disciplina de turismo e meio ambiente. É um aluno extremamente carismático, com uma percepção de mundo bastante humanista. Desde o primeiro dia de aula, percebi seu extremo interesse em responder às expectativas sugeridas pelo curso. Ele sempre esteve bastante interessado em ir além das discussões de sala de aula, procurando compreender os temas abordados em uma concepção mais ampla. Ver todo o seu desenvolvimento no processo de adaptação à cultura brasileira é um exemplo a ser seguido.