Alexandra Cooper in an Instagram post for her podcast "Call Her Daddy"

Barstool Sports profits off ‘Call Her Daddy’ drama with ‘Cancel Suitman’ hoodies

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Published in The New York Post on May 19, 2020

Barstool Sports has released merchandise calling to “cancel Suitman” — escalating its highly documented war with an HBO Sports boss who allegedly has come between the two stars of Barstool’s slutty podcast “Call Her Daddy.”

Peter Nelson, executive vice president of HBO Sports, has been accused of orchestrating a contract catfight between the raunchy “Call Her Daddy” co-hosts Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, whom Nelson has dated for more than a year.

The 28-year-old Franklyn, who is 10 years younger than Nelson, has avoided using his name on the tacky show — referring to him only as Suitman.

Barstool is selling a hoodie for $48 and a cropped hoodie for $55, both black and featuring the Barstool logo on the right sleeve. The store is also selling a T-shirt, a cropped tee and a cropped tank for $28 each. The merchandise all features the text “cancel Suitman” in a simple white font on black clothing.

Barstool’s latest jab at the HBO suit comes after founder Dave Portnoy took over the podcast to address the show’s future — which was already uncertain.

Franklyn and Cooper — who launched the show in 2018 — stopped airing the weekly podcasts in April after saying they felt locked into their contracts with Barstool. The entitled hosts, who were no-names before Barstool aired their podcast and used its resources to promote it, each took home nearly $500,000 last year.

Portnoy has since offered the pair a renegotiated contract for the money-making show — which Cooper, 25, has agreed to but Franklyn refused on the advice of Nelson, he said.

“Call Her Daddy” fans, affectionately referred to by its host as the Daddy Gang, have since seemingly turned on Franklyn over the controversy — blasting Nelson on Twitter.

“She’s not dating that man for any reason other than for money and publicity,” claimed @luciakepples.

Another joked that Nelson was responsible for the coronavirus pandemic, “Gonna tell my kids suitman started the corona virus #callherdaddy.”

“Alex knew suitman was bad news from the beginning,” another wrote.

Franklyn took to Twitter Tuesday to address the forming feud.

“Ther has been a lot of crazy s - - t being thrown around and some of it is true and some of it is false.”