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Brainbat Designs

I started this New York based pop cultural artistic merchandise and clothing brand to highlight and sell my original art and designs currently printed by dropshipping company Printful. Through the Brainbat name, I also sell artistic photography and photo prints. Please contact me for more information.


I started Wanderer News as an online magazine in 2016 to publish freelance journalists’ otherwise unwanted stories and documentaries. The site is effectively defunct, finding it hard to maintain while employed full-time and having signed non-compete agreements.

However, I started the site and maintain the archive because, while out in the field reporting, I was surprised at how often I heard colleagues mention that their fascinating story pitches weren’t being bought by larger news organizations and were going unreported. Media no longer has the budgets to pay freelancers for their work. Wanderer News aims to tell these stories, which often involve alternative cultures and lifestyles, from settled and roaming journalists — our Wanderers.


I started this cooking blog for my mother, a native Brazilian now a U.S. citizen, who wanted to post her recipes she’s created over the years. After designing and teaching her to use it, she now runs it mostly on her own. I’ll occasionally pop in to edit some of her content.

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