7 public art installations to seek out near the Georgetown Square

Published in Community Impact Newspaper on May 16, 2017

City officials said the recent economic impact study conducted by TXP confirmed that arts and culture are strong in Georgetown, enhancing quality of life and bringing in tourist dollars.


A. 7th Street

  • “Blue Healer” by Faith Schexnayder
  • “Last Man, First Man” by Michael Epps
  • “Lost Soul” by Terry Jones
  • “Source” by Jonathan Sanders
  • “Springtime Blooms” by Terry Jones

B. Georgetown Library

  • “Danielle’s Dream” by Dan Pogue
  • “Guardian II” by Herb Long
  • “Lemon Squeezer” by Bob Ragan
  • “The Painted Gourd” by Dar Richardson
  • “Sympatico” by Pokey Park


C.”Discover Georgetown All Over Again” by various artists

D. “The Square” by Anna Sebesta

E. “Jumping Around” by Joe Magnano


F. Around The Square

  • “Robert Williamson, aka Three-Legged Willie” by Lucas Adams
  • “Dan Moody” by Lucas Adams
  • “Henry C. Matysek” by H. Clay Dahlberg
  • “Harry L. Gold” by Lucas Adams

This is not a comprehensive list.

Source: City of Georgetown/Community Impact Newspaper

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